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David with a Schalow's Turaco. Click to hear and enlarge.

David feeding a Schalow's Turaco. Click on the photograph to enlarge it and to hear my Schalow's Turacos.

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Link to short movie of White-cheeked in flight (in slow-motion) - here


White-cheeked hatched Christmas morning 25/12/10

White-cheeked hatched Christmas morning 25/12/10. Click to enlarge.

EAZA Best Practice Guidelines for Turaco by Louise Peat here.

The document includes biology and field data for turacos, followed by captive management and all that is currently known regarding nutrition and health issues, plus a few photos of my turacos.
My thanks to Louise for giving permission to include this link to such a useful document.


Livingstone's Turacos
A pair of Livingstone's Turacos
and their chicks, below, one of which is an albino.

Livingstone's chicks

Ross's chicks under a foster mum White-cheeked at a week old.
Ross's chicks under a foster mum White-cheeked at a week old.


Movie of some turacos

Movie of some of the turacos at Walnut Tree Cottage - Christmas 2008

Movie of White-cheeked feeding Ross chicks.

Movie of a White-cheeked feeding Ross chicks

Movie of hand feeding a day old Schalow's.

Movie of hand feeding a Schalow's chick

Movie of an adult Purple-crested Turaco feeding.

Movie of an adult Purple-crested feeding

Schalow's just hatched. Click to enlarge.

Day old Schalow's chick. Click to enlarge.

White-cheeked chicks enjoying the Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve. Click to enlarge.

Close up of above. Click to enlarge.






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What is a Turaco?

A Turaco (often spelt Touraco in UK) is a fruit-eating African bird of the family Musophagidae, order Cuculiformes. They have a small high bill, notched and serrated mandibles, a long tail, erectile crest, and short, rounded wings. The largest are 70 cm / 28 in long.

Many of them are brilliantly coloured with glossy blue, red, violet and green plumage. There are about 23 species including the Violaceous Turaco Musophaga violacea and the White-cheeked Turaco Tauraco leucotis.

White-cheeked Turaco

Click the picture to enlarge and hear my White-cheeked Turaco
(You will need your speakers on!)

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